Who says Shibas and Cats can’t be friends???

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Catoshi (https://catoshi.cat/)! Catoshi is a deflationary frictionless yield token and is currently available on ETH, BSC, and now on FTM with ShibaSwap!

Catoshi has developed a cross-chain bridge that will enable projects to cross directly into Fantom Opera through ShibaSwap. We will be adding a direct link to The Crossing in the next few days.

The Catoshi partnership will be an important step in introducing new SAFE and VERIFIED projects into the Fantom ecosystem through The Crossing.

Shiba Fantom will be hosting a AMA with Catoshi to discuss their project, The Crossing, and more soon! Keep an eye on our socials!

Check out our Catoshi friends here and say hello to their team in our telegram channel:




Shiba Fantom has partnered with FantomCake https://www.fantomcake.com/ to EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!!

What is $FATCAKE?

FantomCake ($FATCAKE), is the community-owned store of value TOKEN operating in the world’s fastest blockchain $FTM!
Their mission is to promote and accelerate the adoption of NFT/Innovative Projects on Fantom while building useful infrastructure tools for Fantom Ecosystem. Launching…

Hey Shiba fam! It’s been a quiet few weeks since the market started taking off. We’ve been working quietly in the background on several projects that are set to be released soon.

First and foremost, FantomSea is still in production. This will be a fully featured NFT Marketplace with Auctions…

Shiba Fantom

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