Shiba Fantom

Helloooooooo Shiba fam! The time has finally come to officially rebrand Shiba Fantom to… TBone, the French Bulldog!

TBone is a meaningful part of the Tomb ecosystem, supporting Fanty ( and Tomb Chain ( as part of the greatest community to ever exist!

TBone and Fanty will both coexist in a series of shenanigans, hijinks, and good fun. Keep on the lookout for their developing story and to see what comes next!

In the meantime: Airdrops for Shiba Fantom holders will be coming soon. If you hold tokens on Hotbit please continue to wait, the airdrop tokens will be distributed soon. For those who had tokens on the DEX please wait for instructions on how to claim these tokens on Tomb Chain. An official announcement will be made with more details regarding the airdrop.



Who says Shibas and Cats can’t be friends???

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Catoshi (! Catoshi is a deflationary frictionless yield token and is currently available on ETH, BSC, and now on FTM with ShibaSwap!

Catoshi has developed a cross-chain bridge that will enable projects to cross directly into Fantom Opera through ShibaSwap. We will be adding a direct link to The Crossing in the next few days.

Teaser image for the Catoshi Cross-chain bridge

The Catoshi partnership will be an important step in introducing new SAFE and VERIFIED projects into the Fantom ecosystem through The Crossing.

Shiba Fantom will be hosting a AMA with Catoshi to discuss their project, The Crossing, and more soon! Keep an eye on our socials!

Check out our Catoshi friends here and say hello to their team in our telegram channel: