Community Update #3

Shiba Fantom
3 min readJun 25, 2021

Hey Shiba fam! It’s been a little bit since we had an update. I’m going to work on sending regular weekly updates via Medium going forward. Without further ado, here’s what’s coming your way soon!


ShibaPunks!!! We are working on some final touches and will be unleashing ShibaPunks to the world in the next few days. A formal “What is ShibaPunks” update will be posted soon with full information. These are 100% unique Shiba NFTs to add to your collection, all fully randomly generated.

For now, please follow to be the first to know when these will drop!

They’re all Good Boys!!!
Coming soon!

ShibaSwap: We’ve had a few delays due to development issues, but we’re back on track now. The current ETA is around July 8th for completion. I held a Fireside Chat in our Telegram yesterday (Thank you to everyone who attended!) and covered what’s to be expected. I’ll summarize it here.

ShibaSwap will have 2 sets of Farms: 1 exclusive farm set for Shiba holders and a standard farm set for everybody. Shiba-FTM holders will be able to stake their LP and earn exclusive Golden Bones (GBONE) which is used for Governance, Lottery Buyback and burn, and access to the exclusive high APR farms. In short: You’re gonna need some Shiba.

The standard farm will earn regular Bones (BONE) and will have the standard Stablecoin and common farming pairs you are used to.

Future plans are to establish a new token Airdrop mechanism allowing GBONE holders to receive exclusive airdrops from new Fantom projects.

We’ll keep you updated on progress next week, for now here’s a brand new UI page of our Home screen:

Update on the Shiba Fantom ($Shiba) coreToken: The market these past few weeks have been rough, but we’re gonna make it! The team is still working behind the scenes daily. Shiba Fantom aims to be the #1 token on Opera and plans to become the friendly face to all newcomers.

Here are our current partnerships:


Farms/Staking (Current Swap home, no staking/farm) (Completed, no longer available to stak (Shiba-FTM Pool)

Chad Finance (Website coming soon, keep eyes on them here


FTM Alerts (

Fantom Super Fan(

Chad Finance (

FinanceScams (

… and many many more. If there is a partner you think we would be a good fit for, let us (and them) know!