Community Update, Dev update, FantomSea and more!

Shiba Fantom
3 min readSep 9, 2021

Hey Shiba fam! It’s been a quiet few weeks since the market started taking off. We’ve been working quietly in the background on several projects that are set to be released soon.

First and foremost, FantomSea is still in production. This will be a fully featured NFT Marketplace with Auctions, minting, verification, and NFT Imports. We are still in the early testing phase and plan to move into a working test within the next 1–2 weeks. FantomSea focuses on featuring artists and their work. With it comes the FSea token allowing stakers to earn a share of the FantomSea fees. The added fees allow for continued maintenance for the NFT Marketplace.

Unfortunately there was a fire at one of the core developer’s home last week. Nobody was hurt but the developer was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Human life and safety takes priority over everything else. Because of this incident we’ve taken last week to pause development and allow him to rest. We have resumed testing again this week and continue to move forward. The UI is already finished and I look forward to sharing the demo with everyone very, very soon!

For now, here is an early sneak peek.

FantomSea Homepage

ShibaSwap v2
The DEX is getting an upgrade! Work has already been started to create a new vesting function and vaults. These will be available soon.

A new Token Dashboard (ShibaDashboard) will be available soon providing more information on our Shiba Tokens: Shiba, babyBone, babyFTM, and a few more! This will become a native part of the Dex and allow for easy Distribution claiming and token statistics. New tokens will be launching shortly after.

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue Donation
Thanks to you, we were able to donate $1,200 to the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue in Washington DC! This money will help save animal lives. You can read more about them here:

I would like to thank BabyBOO for following in our footsteps and making a whopping $120,000 donation to WolfTrap Animal Rescue, Hope for Paws, and the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home! You have made a HUGE impact on many, many, MANY animal lives! Please consider making a donation to your local Animal shelter. These are real needs, and your donations truly make a difference:

Dog Park
The Laika pool has been completed! We thank our new friends for giving us the opportunity to get to know them. Please unstake your Shiba from the Laika pool under the Inactive tab. We will be keeping the Laika-FTM farm open for a little while longer.

The 5 rares have still yet to be minted! We’ve passed the 1,500 mint mark and are on the road to 2,000 and beyond! Keep an eye on the ShibaPunks Twitter for giveaways!

Last week GalagaToken gave out an airdrop to all ShibaPunk holders!

Finally, I am looking for a dedicated developer to help create an NFT game for ShibaSwap! If you are a dev and know your NFTs, please email me at

New partners!

ShibaSwap (Fantom) has now been added to: