Hotbit listing, New partnerships, ShibaSwap v2 and more!

Shiba Fantom
5 min readOct 29, 2021

Helloooo Shiba fam!! We’ve had a HUGE last few weeks!

Hotbit listing: We’re now listed on Hotbit! To improve accessibility and spread awareness you can now trade Shiba Fantom (SHIBAFTM) on Hotbit! I will be continuing to evaluate new CEXs that support Fantom tokens in the near future, including Binance Cloud.

DeBank Listing! Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the vote, ShibaSwap is now listed on DeBank! Thank you everyone!!

Diamond paws!

ShibaSwap V2: We have added VAULTS to our ShibaSwap. Vaults allow for easy staking of other DEX tokens to maximize your rewards. The Vaults are modeled after vaults, one of the most secure vault models. A full audit has been performed by Spade Audits and has come back with no major findings. The report will be posted in a few days, along with the Audit badge on our DEX. Once the audit report is published we will begin adding more vaults for you to use. 100% of the Vault Profit will be used to BUYBACK and BURN GBones at regular intervals. Using the Polycat model, Vault profits will be invested in High/Medium/Low risk investments to help maintain a constant burn.

ShibaSwap will also be undergoing a Farm Refresh. Our stance has changed from being a “generic DEX” to a platform to support new token launches, new projects, partnerships, and cross-chain developers. Over the next few weeks some farms will be removed, others will be added. OH! Did I mention there will be a BUYBACK and BURN of Bone?

New Shiba family! Over the past 2 weeks we have gained over 3,000 new Shiba holders, 100 new ShibaPunk holders, and over 10,000 NEW visits to our websites! Welcome to the family!

Dog Park news! The Dog Park is a special LIMITED pool that allows for Single-Staking tokens such as SHIBA. These events come from our partners projects and allow users to gain exposure. Keep a watch for a new Dog Park Pool starting soon!

The Great SHIBA Burning event: We will be hosting a SHIBA Burn event on November 4th. All SHIBA deposit FEES from the TOMB pool will be placed in a rocket and shot into the sun to be burned forever. Come join us for the Burn party!

Partners: I am working with SEVERAL partners to increase and ease user transition into Fantom and into ShibaSwap. This includes a cross-chain DEX aggregate and a multi-chain Bridge. Both of these partners will be a GREAT addition to our ecosystem in easing new users into Fantom, and most importantly into ShibaSwap. The bridge will allow cross-chain projects to call ShibaSwap their home ❤

Additional partners currently include several NFT projects, Gaming platforms, and DEX aggregates. If you are looking to integrate SHIBA into your ecosystem, please stop by!

Charity event: In the next few weeks we will be donating to another Animal shelter. GBone holders will be allowed to vote on the shelter of choice (Must accept crypto). This event will be coming up in a few weeks.

“Wen Marketing?” Over the past few weeks we have officially begun our large Marketing campaign. This includes strategic partnerships, constant communication, and organized influencers, all designed to increase awareness of SHIBA and the Fantom ecosystem. Come watch the latest AMA with GosuTV here:

However, the best marketing comes from the community! Several pieces of Shiba-style marketing have been showing up and they are beautiful! Like this one:

Shiba Moon! Thanks WillyFox!

And we now have an (Unofficial) Spanish community on Telegram here (Thank you BurbujaCoin$!):

Keep them coming everyone! The more we all work together, the bigger we moon!

ShibaPunks: We have listened to the community. One of the oldest and longest running NFT Mints has been dramatically reduced in price to only 30 FTM. Grab one here at

BUT WAIT! There’s more! The ShibaPunks have a VERY special surprise for you! They want you to take them Trick-or-Treating! Starting SOON you will be able to claim 1 FREE Halloween-edition ShibaPunk for FREE (Excluding gas cost)! For each ShibaPunk you own, you will be able to claim a free Halloween edition. Own 2, get 2! Own 10, get 10! These Halloween editions are limited to a short claim period only, and will NEVER be re-minted. Keep watching the ShibaPunks Twitter over the next few days for more information.

BinaryPunks Giveaway! As ShibaPunk Holders, we hold special events and giveaways EXCLUSIVELY for holders. These 3 BinaryPunks will be given away randomly soon! Watch the ShibaPunks Twitter account for your chance to win!

To be eligible to win you must be holding a ShibaPunk NFT

Keep watching, as this is only the beginning. Shiba will continue its mission to bring NEW people into the wonderful Fantom world, support charities, and be a great community for everyone!

FantomSea: We are still at work building FantomSea! Thank you to all of our closed beta testers we found several new bugs to squash. These have been taken care of, the UI has been updated, and new contracts have been deployed. We will resume another round of Beta testing starting tomorrow.

The FSEA token will be available for Presale soon! This token allows the holder to claim a share of FantomSea NFT platform profits. A portion of the supply will be available to Shiba and ShibaPunk holders after the Presale.

NFT Partnerships: ShibaFantom has been proud to be behind the production of a few recent and upcoming NFT Minter projects.

Binary Punks:


Fantom Zombies:



8-Bit Nostalgia:

And many, many more! Keep an eye on these artists. ShibaFantom, NippleLabs, and G&M² Mints continue to provide artists the tools and technology to make their dreams come true.