Shiba Fantom partners with Laika Protocol!

Shiba Fantom
2 min readAug 8, 2021
Woof woof!

Shiba Fantom has partnered with Laika Protocol to venture into new frontiers!

What is Laika?

Laika Protocol originally started as a second-generation deflationary token on BSC which included the first of it’s kind scalable auto LPs as well as a max transaction limit to prevent price manipulation. In addition to this, Laika Protocol has already been bridged to over 9chains including Fantom.

Laika’s long term plans also include several other features such as trustless bridge deployment for tokens across all currently supported chains, a multi-chain oracle, several new platforms and more!

Laika Protocol has also launched their own second generation multichain farm called Astro Protocol. With the addition of Astro, we can now ensure that there is a growing multi-chain ecosystem as the Laika Protocol continue to develop additional tools and features over time.

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How do you stake SHIBA to earn Laika rewards?

This weekend we have opened up the DogPark and now offer Single-Staking Shiba. Stake Shiba, earn Laika! Please welcome Laika to the Shiba family!

If you don’t own SHIBA tokens, you may participate in the LAIKA-FTM Farm to earn some Bones! Bridge your LAIKA or purchase them from ShibaSwap or Spookyswap.

If you own SHIBA tokens, congratulations! You’re a member of the Shiba fam. Time to become rich and learn how to stake SHIBA in the DogPark.

  • There is a 3% Deposit fee to participate in this pool.
  • Staking is open now but rewards will not be given until Wednesday, August 11, 2021 5:00:00 PM(UTC)
  • Visit the DogPark:
  • Click “Enable” and then “Stake” on the Laika DogPark Pool.
  • Confirm the transaction!