ShibaPunk GALAGA Airdrop!

Shiba Fantom
1 min readAug 29, 2021

Hellooooooo ShibaPunk fam! This week we are bringing you a special AIRDROP reward for all ShibaPunk holders! Simply hold a ShibaPunk and you will be airdropped the official Galaga BSC token.

Airdrop snapshots will be taken Tuesday August 31st. You must be holding a ShibaPunk before the snapshot is taken. Get your ShibaPunk here:

Airdropped tokens will be sent to your Binance Smart Chain address, the SAME WALLET ADDRESS as your Fantom Opera wallet address. Both BSC and Fantom share the same arhitechture, even if you do not currently have a BSC address you will still be able to access your BSC wallet.

TLDR: Your Fantom Opera address is also your Binance Smart Chain address. No action is needed.

If you would like your airdrop sent to a different address, you will need to transfer your ShibaPunk to the Fantom Opera equivalent address.

Check out Galaga token on BSC below: