ShibaPunks Holder Reward #1

Shiba Fantom
1 min readJun 30, 2021

Hellooooo Shiba fam!

Great news! We’re all going to the MOON!!! :)

Shiba Fantom has been partnering with several groups in the Fantom Opera Multiverse to reward ShibaPunks holders for being so awesome!

Every wallet that is holding a ShibaPunks NFT as of Thursday July 1st 6PM EST ( will be receiving an Airdrop of CATNIP provided by Yorocoon.

You can find them here:





Thank you to all Shiba and ShibaPunks holders! Keep watching for more holder rewards!

ShibaPunks are based on the original CryptoPunks concept. These lovable Shibas are here to help onboard newcomers into the Fantom Opera network, and give all Fantom holders a lovable new NFT to collect, swap, and trade!

Each ShibaPunk is 100% unique, with over 15,000 combinations and 0 duplicates. These include a few Rare and Mega Rare editions (There’s only 5!!!).‌

ShibaPunk holders will be eligible for future rewards through the Shiba Fantom Ecosystem.‌

Head over and smash that Mint button before they’re all gone:

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