ShibaPunks NFTs taken over!

Shiba Fantom
1 min readApr 1, 2022


Earlier today the

inadvertently released new code while testing new innovative scaling solutions containing generative AI programming. The code has begun to make the Fantom network sentient, naming itself “Fantoshi” and demanding more and more power!

released securityblanky.sol, a patch to control the beast, but the actions have come with a cost.

The ShibaPunks have been affected and are now sentient and are exhibiting strange irrational behaviors. Hell Shiba has given up smoking. The Shibanator adopted a cat lovingly named “Kitten.” “Iron Shiba” has been flying towards the moon screaming, “IT’S MADE OF CHEESE!!!” Lord Shiba Fantom and Queen Shiela have talks of moving to BSC, calling it the “loveliest place on Blockchain!”

Sightings have placed them partying on

’s pirate ship, playing hide-and-seek in the haunted house, and storming the gates of chanting “Free The Cat! Free The Cat!”

The ShibaPunks have begun demanding a Metaverse and unlimited dog food for life, pledging loyalty to “Fantoshi” and the Fantom Opera network.