ShibaSwap Roadmap — LP Airdrops, Single-sided Staking and more!

Shiba Fantom
2 min readAug 1, 2021

Hey there Shiba fam! We’ve had a great start and things are just going to get better! Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to, and what we have coming up.


Lottery — The Lottery is our next project and it will be completed within the next few days. Players can buy a ticket with 1 GBone. If all 4 of your numbers match, in the order presented, you win 1st prize of 50% of the pot. If you match 3 numbers you win 20% of the pot, if you match 2 numbers you win 10%. The remaining 20% of the GBones are burned. If there is no winner, the pot rolls-over to the following day. Read more details here:


We will be airdropping rewards to all of our early LP Farmers. We will airdrop in 2 different token groups: Premium Farms (Shiba-FTM, Shiba-GBONE, GBONE-FTM) and Non-Premium Farms. This means that large LP Farmers in the Premium Farms do not lessen your Airdrop rewards!

For those staked with Grim, we will request a list of Liquidity providers from them during our snapshot process.

Snapshots will start the week of Monday August 2nd and will be taken over the next 2 weeks ending on Monday August 16th, 2021 at a random time.

Airdrop allocations will be algorithmically calculated depending on number of days staked, amount of liquidity provided, and trade volume. Snapshots will be taken randomly at unannounced times.

DogPark & Single-staking

Soon we will be opening DogPark! Shiba’s hot place to go to meet new friends. We are bringing a pup over all the way from space for everyone to meet! This helps drive ShibaSwap’s mission to Grow Opera, by collaborating and bringing in large projects from ETH, BSC, and Polygon. More friends will be stopping by soon!

DogPark Features:

  • Single-sided stake Shiba
  • Single-sided stake GBone (12-week duration)
  • Single-sided stake Bone (12-week duration)

Community Tokens

Community tokens are designed to inspire new and existing developers to create a project. These tokens are created by the Shiba Fantom team, but holds no power in decision making. All decisions are subject to vote by GBone holders.

BabyBone —

Please view our first governance proposal regarding BabyBone here:

Additional Community tokens will be coming soon.


In Progress/Coming Soon

  • LP Airdrops
  • DogPark Grand Opening
  • Reaper-FTM Farm
  • Shiba, GBone, and Bone Singlesided-Staking
  • Wolf Trap Animal Shelter donation
  • Liquidity option on Presale.Money
  • Additional ShibaPunk Partner Rewards
  • CasperDefi Tracker listing
  • Verification
  • ShibaPunks viewable on
  • BabyShiba Story Contest
  • FantomSea NFT Marketplace

Come Launch with us!

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