Single Staking and LP Airdrops, oh my!

Shiba Fantom
1 min readAug 16, 2021


Hello everyone! We have opened up GBONE and BONE Single Staking in the Dog Park. This event will be open for 12 weeks. Rewards will begin on Wednesday August 18th. Head on over to the Dog Park and get staking!

The final LP Airdrop snapshot has been taken earlier today! with over $100,000 staked, we selected the top 7 staked pools and offered rewards based on staked weight between both GRIM Vault users and ShibaSwap Farmers, averaging the staked amount across several days.

1,031.25 GBONE distributed to:

  • Shiba-FTM
  • Shiba-GBONE

14,006.82 BONE distributed to:


Edit: the Airdrop missed a few people so it was reran to reward ALL LP providers starting since ShibaSwap launched until August 16th. The updated TXs are here:


Airdrop list:


Airdrop List:

Thank you for all who provided their support! The Airdrop rewards have been fully sent.

Thanks to the Fantom blockchain, the total TX cost for these airdrops was $0.21!