Why Use ShibaSwap? We are for the people!

Shiba Fantom
2 min readJul 28, 2021

ShibaSwap is built for the everyday person in mind, because we are the everyday person.

Building on Fantom has been filled with obstacles and struggles since day 1: Gaining trust in the community, securing funding, and finding resources to help promote and support your project are very difficult tasks to accomplish on your own. We’ve been there.

ShibaSwap is a AMM DEX. On it’s own it is not unique: Swap, Farm, fun. Instead, our goal has always been to bring in new people and support new projects in Fantom. We accomplish this through the Shiba Fantom brand.

Our core token $Shiba has passive income for all holders. No other gimmicks. Profits go to charity through supporting Animal shelters with direct monetary donations. No jokes. We thank everyone for supporting us and continue to move forward.

ShibaSwap is catered towards new and existing projects that need a home.

  • We offer EASY whitelisting.
  • We offer direct interaction for marketing and promotion: Tell us about your project and we will tell the world.
  • We have incorporated ELITE Farmlands to provide tokens easy access to Liquidity by allowing you to host your own farms WITHOUT spending expensive resources building a UI.
  • ShibaPunks (and coming soon DogPark) are used to allow new projects to gain instant access to dedicated holders.

Through these mechanisms we can continue to grow Opera and give breath to new projects and ideas.

The GoldenBones token is released as a fair launch farming token, giving Shiba holders the advantage for providing us their early support. Holders of the GBONE token can participate in regular proposals determining changes to the DEX, Farm management, new features, and more.

The Bones token is used to incentivize liquidity for trading pairs, necessary for allowing users to swap from token to token.

We are built on Kindness, Respect, and Collaboration. We survive by working and building together. Make ShibaSwap your home and get the support you deserve. Join the Shiba family.