Community Update #4

Shiba Fantom
3 min readJul 8, 2021


Hey Shiba fam! We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks on a LOT of things. This will be a big read but stick with us!

ShibaSwap — YES it’s coming soon!

We have had a few setbacks and missed the original timeline due to things we have no control over, but we are now back on track and due for release very soon!

Shiba Fantom aims to be the #1 community on Fantom built on respect, kindness, and collaboration. We are accomplishing this by building solid roots and foundations within the Opera network, and forging strong lasting relationships with Devs and community members. ShibaSwap is focused on this vision.

The ShibaSwap DEX will be the home to all “meme” and non-traditional tokens. This will be accomplished by making it easy for developers to become whitelisted and providing them with valuable tools to gain exposure, which is critical to any token’s success.

Check out an early look at the ShibaSwap UI Prototype here. Note this is a Prototype with placeholder values:

ShibaPunks are collectible NFTs that are not only amazing, they also reward holders regularly with partner rewards. Holding a ShibaPunk NFT entitles you to all future Partner rewards. It is also a badge of honor knowing you are supporting the ShibaFantom ecosystem as we use the funds for development, liquidity, and occasionally a beer.

Future rewards will include private access to projects, giveaways, and additional airdrops. If you have a project and would like to gain exposure by participating in the ShibaPunks (Or Shiba Fantom) Partners Reward program, please contact me at

Read up about the first partner reward from Yorocoon here:

All ShibaPunks are ERC-721 compatible. We are currently developing a full ERC-721 NFT platform that will allow you to buy and sell all ERC-721 Fantom NFTs, including ShibaPunks.

We have also reduced the pricing for ShibaPunks to follow FTM’s increase in price.

Check out some reviews here:

Shiba Fantom Ecosystem

The Shiba Fantom ecosystem comprises of several products that all focus on Growth and Collaboration.

ShibaPunks are beautifully created NFTs that are designed to bring new collectors to Fantom. Partner Rewards help provide incentives for non-collectors to join the Shiba Fantom family. The proceeds provide a proper revenue stream to help support Shiba Fantom’s growth.

The Shiba Fantom (SHIBA) token is the core token with built-in deflation and passive rewards. We will further provide value by locking up tokens and increasing demand through ShibaSwap. The core Shiba Fantom token will also be used to provide stakers with Partner Rewards.

The ShibaSwap DEX is designed by meme for meme; The DEX will be user-friendly for new projects and become a safe place to swap for both new traders, and day-traders.

The future Shiba NFT Marketplace will serve as an Artist collaboration platform and an additional revenue stream.

Through the Shiba Fantom Ecosystem, we will follow our vision to create an incredible community built on Respect, Kindness, and Collaboration.

Charitable Donation

We have temporarily put our charitable donation to Wolf Trap Animal Rescue on hold while we focus on ShibaSwap. We still plan to make this donation soon when market conditions show signs of strength. The #1 priority is to ensure the Shiba Fantom ecosystem is self-sustaining and continues to grow.

Shiba Fantom & Zoo NFT Artist Collaboration

Shiba Fantom has hand-selected 7 incredible NFT artists to create 16 different and unique NFT collection going up for sale at A future update will be posted when these NFT’s are made available for purchase as we’re currently finalizing the collection.


We have been collaborating with several Devs in the Fantom Multiverse. The most recent one has been Waka.Finance to provide an incentivized Shiba-FTM Farm.

Another Farming pool will be coming within the next few weeks.

We have become a prime partner for DandelionFTM, a site to aggregate all Fantom projects (coming soon).

A full list of Partners (and friends!) can be found here:

If you would like to collaborate or know a project that would be a great fit for the community, please contact